Fleet Energy Itd. is an active physical trader of Coal, Petcoke, various grades of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products such as Gas Oil, Fuel Oil, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Naphtha, AVGAS 100LL as well as Bitumen, LNG, LPG, and other Petrochemicals.

Working with international and national oil companies is a major part of our business, offering our trading capabilities that meet the highest expectations. Through our established high level network, Fleet Energy provides partnerships between majors and National Oil Companies to the consuming markets.

Currently, we are trading partners with Rosneft Trading S.A. where we maintain an excellent track record supplying petroleum products to EGPC. Fleet Energy is now part of the direct supply between Rosneft and EGPC as trading partners to Rosneft for the supply of Fuel Oil, Gas Oil, Gasoline, Lpg and Bitumen.

Fleet Energy also supports in securing the purchase and sale of crude oil for our partners from countries such as Egypt, Libya and Iraq.

Furthermore, we are involved in  Egypt with the importation of LNG to EGAS, Bunkering and infrastructure development in the Suez area.

In addition to supporting business opportunities related to crude oil and petroleum products, our group also brings qualified companies to large government projects related to alternative energy and other development projects in the Middle East and North Africa.

Fleet or its designated company is expanding its activities to distribute/supply Natural Gas (NG) to end users in the soon to be liberalized gas market in the Arab Republic of Egypt, quantities of which are secured by Fleets governmental partners that are global leaders in gas production and supplies.

We will receive the following SHIPPER and SUPPLIER Licenses from the New Gas Regulator that will enable us to carry out the operation.
Fleet will provide a competitive advantage compared to the local market price at the time of delivery and secure a continuous steady flow of supplies in case of interruption due to shortages, the new gas law or the liberalization. In addition Fleet will assist its customers by providing customized innovative financial solutions.

Compliance will be handled according to the highest International Standards to include quality management, health, safety and environment.

On a regular basis, the company plans and implements all importing and distribution activities inclusive of monitoring measurement, analysis and improved processes needed to demonstrate conformity of all service qualities, and constantly improves the effectiveness of its Quality Management System based on the highest standards.

The supply will include Marketing, Sales, Billing & Collection to Gas consumers in Egypt.
Our goal is to provide first class services by taking all measures for preventive actions aiming for full support/performance and customer satisfaction.

This division arranges the direct charter and management of all types of vessels and barges for the transportation of Crude, Products, LPG, Petrochemicals, LNG, Coal and Petcoke from source to destination. Our expertise also involves the use of pipeline deliveries, rail-wagons for both crude and product movements.
In order to mitigate the risk for our trading activities we insist for the cargoes to be insured 110% of the CIF value for loss, damage, theft, contamination, etc. and use all risk management tools available to hedge our cargoes in order to avoid any exposure to price fluctuation, if required. If our management decides a trade does not require hedging it will only be in the case where we buy at the same terms we will Sell e.g. buy and sell on FOB basis with an agreed price.

In addition we always negotiate in advance safe terms for our trades regarding payment and title transfer acceptable to all major trade financing institutions and asses each trade taking into consideration market intelligence available to us.