Fleet Energy Ltd. is an independent Global Energy Trading Firm incorporated in Panama with main operating office in Dubai. Our primary focus is on the physical supply, sourcing and distribution of crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals, coal and petcoke covering the Middle East, North/East Africa, Mediterranean, Black Sea, CIS countries, Baltic Sea, South Asia and the Far East.

Fleet Energy Ltd. was founded by Eng. Essam Kafafi in 2007 who is the president and owner of the group of companies, Fleet Energy Ltd, Fleet Energy Hydrocarbons Ltd. DMCC, Fleet Tanking Inc., Fleet Fuel FZC, Fleet Offshore Petroleum Services Inc. and Fleet Oil and Gas S.A., are fully owned subsidiaries of Fleet Holdings Inc.

Our group consists of business professionals experienced in finance, marketing, risk management, storage, shipping, refining/processing and trading operations. 

We specialize in identifying market advantages on each trade aspect including purchasing from suppliers, sales to end users, logistics/marine services and storage by seeking opportunities where competitors find it difficult to participate in. This enables us to offer our clients safe, cost effective solutions for their energy needs with a competitive advantage compared to other Traders. 

Overall, our management personnel consist of over 30 years of Global Energy and Oil Trading experience. We provide A to Z operations for each trade transaction with the support of our staff and direct associates consisting of traders, marine operators, port agents, administrators and others necessary to execute each trade in a successful manner in this competitive environment.